Dual Enrollment Information

DUAL ENROLLMENT OFFERINGS FOR THE 2021/2022 SCHOOL YEAR: College Composition I & II (English 11) Survey of English Literature I & II (English 12) US History I & II US Government I & II Precalculus with Trigonometry Statistics I Calculus I General Biology I & II Intermediate Spanish Conversation I (Spanish 4) Intermediate Spanish Conversation II (Spanish 5)
*PLEASE SEE THE PROGRAM OF STUDIES IN REGARDS TO PREREQUISITE REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH COURSE. THEY ARE LISTED IN BOLD PRINT.* Students may be required to take a CLEP test by VWCC if they were not able to take PreCalculus as DE during the 2019-2020 school year. This would be for a student wishing to take Calculus I as a DE course. CLEP test information can be found at https://clep.collegeboard.org/
Students who plan on taking a DE course *MUST* apply to VA Western Community College before we can enroll them in that course. Once they apply they will be given a 7 digit student number. Students need to email that number to their School Counselor so we can add it to our database system. If students have already applied in the past, they do *NOT* need to apply again.

Students have the option to take dual enrollment courses during their school day at VA Western Community College. Students will receive a weighted high school credit for these courses, and can take any course that can be applied to a degree or certificate program.
Students will be responsible for knowing community college registration deadlines, registering themselves for their college courses, and paying tuition directly to the community college.

Students must work with their LB School Counselor to ensure they are on track to meet their BCPS high school graduation requirements. Failure to register for a course needed for graduation OR dropping a course without consulting with their School Counselor could result in not being able to graduate on time. Students who are taking dual enrollment classes either at LB or at the community college are responsible for meeting all requirements for their classes, including taking the VA Placement Test on the community college campus.

Payment for dual enrollment classes taken at the community college will be paid directly to the community college, and is full tuition cost. Payment for dual enrollment classes taken at LB will be paid directly to LB at the discounted DE rate.

We have outlined below the steps each student needs to take if they are planning on enrolling in a dual enrollment course at VWCC for next school year:

1. Meet with their LB School Counselor to discuss options of courses the student is planning on enrolling in.

2. Apply to the community college in which the student will be taking the course. If the student has already taken a dual enrollment course before, they are already part of the community college system and do not need to reapply.


3. Fill out the “High School Enrollment Approval Form” found here: Approval Form. This form must be filled out in its entirety. Bring this form to your School Counselor and she will have Mr. Dewease sign it. She will send it over to VWCC to get you enrolled in your class. Once we have record of your enrollment in a dual enrollment course, we will build your high school schedule around that.
4. VWCC communicates with their DE students through their own email system, so please be sure to check your VWCC student email that was provided to you by the college. This is where they will be sending you information regarding how to pay for your class. PLEASE REMEMBER: All DE classes taken on the community college campus are at full tuition.

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